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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Video Game (Official)


I am VERY excited about the game. The trailer and the stuff Beenox said on twitter really sound impressive. I especially love the new costume (to be completely honest the costume of the first movie and the lack of an original comic outfit was what I disliked most about the previous game) and the new web swinging mechanic just sounds awesome. Im Spider-Man 2, Ultimate Spider-Man and TASM Spidey always used his right hand to shot the web and now being able to choose which hand I use is just great.

Okay so there is no storybased free roaming as Peter Parker but that doesn't meen that there is no Peter Parker skin as alternate costume. I also hope that this time there will be an infinite number of crimes and that this game will not have the annoying savegame bug on the PS3 from the previous game. Besides that I can't wait to buy it.

Apropos: I just don't understand why so many people on the internet rant about the graphics of the game. First: This is just a trailer. Second: The graphics in the trailer look awesome. One guy recently said it looks like a PS2 game with HD textures. Seriously, I don't understand these haters.

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I gotta agree with you, when this game was first announced I was fairly unimpressed but now with all the latest articles and tweets about the numerous new features Beenox has added I'm officially stoked to play this game. I recently pre-ordered and now all I need to know is a release date for when this game hits the shelves which I'm guessing will be either April 17 (two weeks before the film hits like the first game) or April 29 (the week of the film release). Also as far as the graphics thing is concerned anyone who has played video games since before the ps3 or the ps2 and even the ps1 knows that graphics do not need to be ultra-super realistic for you to enjoy a game or to be immersed in that game. Considering that we're on the cusp of these brand new 400-500 dollar consoles, graphical fidelity starts to become a focal point in new game releases as it's one of the big selling points for what it means to be next-gen and why we should spend so much money on a brand new console. Not to mention that rampant criticism and negativity is something of a staple when it comes to message boards, so try not to let it get to you. The graphics in TASM 2 are more than adequate, they don't look PS2 era and they don't look like Crysis with maxed out settings on a high-end gaming PC, it looks as it should, which is like any other game to be released recently. Though personally I would prefer the cel-shaded comic inking art style from games like Shattered Dimensions and Ultimate Spiderman, but that's just me.

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