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The Amazing Spider-Man [PC] - troubleshooting



i got this game at gamestop, installed and played for a while... before realizing it has issues saving, taking pics in game and it doesn't progress with achievements...i contacted Steam and they told me that it depends on the game. I contacted Activision, and i am still waiting for an answer after 2 weeks... awesome, isnt it?

i stopped playing cause it is meaningless, since i don't get the  right progress ...

and where is the patch? today is Sept 26th.., it had to come out on 12th...

and why are there new about the digital delivery of the game with new DLCs????

what about who bought the game in store and now has so many issues?????

if i don't get a solution in a very short period of time.. i won't buy any game from activision anymore.

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Registered: ‎26-09-2012
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