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The Amazing Spider-Man [PC] - troubleshooting


I hope it will really solve that problem when i change settings from amazing to low there is not much difference and i have pretty good PC to play it on amazing with no problem. Man this is almost like problems with GTA IV ported pretty bad too.

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So I can't seem to find the patch. Do you have a direct DL-link?

Seems they keep putting up dates for releases and can't really

do the deadline, hm.

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12th of september isnt over yet, still a few hours to go in the US and west europe countries.

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I'm waiting for that patch too. Do you also have freezing problems during the game? I have no lags at all, but after 30 minutes of gameplay, my CPU goes up to %100 and the whole system freeze up. Hope the patch works.

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Honestly this is Unbelivable , how on earth can you stuff up a game this bad First you completely ignore the steam users which lost you thousands of buyers now you cant even make sure a driver is out for your game or even update people on its progress . Firstly why is this game so flawed and why cant a patch be created internally im assuming its because there is actually no plans on continuing support for the PC game. Im offically done with the game and im going to now spread the word through blogs and Biggers Youtubers .This is the first time iv ever complained about a game and i only created this account just to type this message.

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Where is the Patch has it even been released yet, really wanna play this game

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Patch out September 12 ...

Spend the time and I still play a game pesima optimization ...

They promise a date, not met, the next time your ..... buy this game!

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I am not even surprised that there ended up being no patch when they promised. This porting of this game is a farce, let's not forget how console gamers had this game in June. Here we are in mid-September still waiting for a patch to make the game playable. They don't even list the PC version on the official site for purchase, nevermind Steam... but some people HAVE bought the game via various retailers and some of these people can't play your game. The silence from the devs and then the false promise of a patch is nothing short of disgraceful. It's such a shame most people don't care about this game because people deserve to know how awful the fans and owners of this game have been treated.

If any of you bought it, I urge you to seek a refund. Don't support this crap. It's a broken proudct and I have no idea how this even got on some shelves, the fact that it's so hard to even find suggests the game still wasn't ready even after over a month after the console release.

And people wonder why piracy is rampant.

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I'd like to get a refund but how? The game is part of my Steam account.

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Completed the game on PC, it lags while it saves, didn't face your problem

Check the store you bought it from, and do check Activision support

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