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The Amazing Spider Man Steam Preorder?


Hello ! How comes that the amazing spider man is still not in steam for preordering or there wont be any? is the game still being released on 10th august? Also any news on system requirements?

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The Steam entry in the database is already there for it (since end of july) so I assume they either dont want a pre-order option or they plan on delaying it. It is common nowadays though that some games just pop up on release without a prepurchase option. Nothing to worry about (especially console ports).

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Hi Matthew93,

As we announced this morning, unfortunately there's been a delay. We'll be keeping everyone updated as more info becomes available.

Here's the full text of the announcement:

We will not be releasing The Amazing Spider-Man via Steam on August 10, as planned, but we are working towards having this available at a later date.  Steam is a great partner that we have worked with on multiple releases and will continue to do so.  We will update you on any news as soon as we have anything to share.

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