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The Amazing Spider-Man is worst ported game for PC ever made !


I own amazing spider man on pc for about 2 months , i played the game until i didnt finished it, after that i tryed to play it again and now whenever i try to play game crashes on loading. i have latest drivers, but after i reinstall steam it works fine for once , then after i quit the problem arrives again for no reason. its so annoying if the beenox dont know how to port pc game than they should stick to consoles -_- . Also i dont need to tell you how many performance issues are there even for those who own GTX 680 Smiley Indifferent Now im gonna try redownload game from steam this time i wont install with retaildvd maybe it will fix the issue

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Posts: 111
Registered: ‎18-07-2012

Thats because the port is not fixed yet! WAIT UNTIL ITS FIXED & COMES ON STREAM

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Registered: ‎19-06-2012
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