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What's going on with Spider-Man Games?


Personally, Spidey is my #1 favorite hero of all time. When they made Web of Shadows, I bought it, and it blew my mind how awesome it was. So why have they lowered the standerds for Spidey Games? I mean, just look at the Web Strike. In WOS, it worked as to get in towards your enemies, and they right back out should they be too tough, as well as making for some cool ways to take baddies out. Then came Shattered Dimensions, and it's completely differant! They made it so u could still get in close, but not out quick, and u can barely see the resembalance. And then in Edge of Time, it's just used to get in close. Or if u look at web rush from TASM, in the commercials it looks like its a super quick way to get around and super easy to use, almost like a QTE. But then when u play the game, it was so furustrating, and so hard to use i hardly ever did. If they would have made it easy to use for traversal and combat, i would have loved it. But they didnt. So why did they lower their standerds to make anything like this? If they make another Spidey Game with either of these machnics, they should at least make it better than the best version of it. And what happened to side missions! they are some of my favorite things in games, and TASM only had 3. Why Just 3!! There r more things i could list, but i dont feel like listing because it would take all day. If any1 could tell me what they think of this, and what spidey games should be that would be great!

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I think nowadays they are just trying different ideas and seeing how people like them to try improve each game..... But by doing that they start to take out features that the fans like the most to try and bring something new to the table

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Hi guys,

I am new here (sorry about my poor English gammar). Joined this forum just to get the game developers attention, to make a 3D spiderman game (those wearing 3D glasses). It will be a totally new experience to play spidey, swinging in NYC in 3D.

I remember when I was a kid and watched a 3D movie (those wearing 3D glasses), there was a scene when a pole was pointed at us and we swayed our head to avoid the pole. It was so real as it was our first 3D experience.

Now that the next generation console will be out this year like the Xbox One and PS4, these monsters will be able to handle the 3D new experiences.

I tried to highlight to Sony spiderman forum but google and found none. If you guys are happen to be in a Sony spiderman game forum, please highlight to them that it is time for a 3D spiderman game since the next console machine Xbox One and PS4 will be powerful to do that.



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