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Why a new itteration of Spider-Man


First off: I love Spider-Man, so even if they come up with 20 alternative version movies, I will watch them. Games the same.

I am wondering on the next Hypothesis:

We have seen Hulk (within small time a 'remake'), Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. These were combined (as it was once) in the Avengers. All legit (hence some players like Ant-man missing). However, as many of the comic (and Spidey) lovers here will know, that one of the major events for Spidey was when he was part of the Avengers as well....So, taking into account of the players in the current movie (and the upcoming one with Thanos) and looking on anything related, it would seem obvious that Spider-Man needed the Amazing iteration, to be molded to the Spidey that is fit for the Avengers 2. If you guys might recall, the Marvel Capcom game about Superheroes, also contain mostly the Avengers, including Spider-Man, fighting the endboss: Thanos. Yeah, I know, it's farfetched....but still....

What you think?

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Registered: ‎13-03-2012
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