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Why is Spider Man 2 canceld or postponed for Xbox One


Well, just heard the news, Amazing Spider Man 2 for Xbox One has been post poned, possibly canceled.. Have to admit, really pissed to hear this, cause I was one of the first to preorder this game, when we could.. I love all of Activision's games.. Now seeing how the game is still coming out for the 360, I can honestly say this has nothing to do with any problems with Microsoft as a whole.. So the question is, why did they push this game back.. There are only two possible answers, either the Xbox One can't handle the game, which I doubt, or Someone from Sony bribed someone from Activision to delay the Xbox One version, so they could sell more systems.. I highly doubt this too, because I like to think that Activision is one of the few, high class companies who would not bow down to anyone.. However, since no one wants to come forth with any info about whats going on, I am very worried.. I am not really sure whats going on, but I do know this, I was very excited to play this game, even getting more excited as the release day got nearer.. I guess I am one of the many, who probably won't be buying this game, anytime soon.. With so many great games coming out, Watchdogs, Murdered, EA UFC, and Possibly Transformers ( Unless the Xbox One version of that gets canceled too ), there is no time.. I am sure most Xbox One owners feel the same, and with so many already angry fans, who have gotten to hate Call of Duty, The question does come up, what does activision have to offer Xbox One owners? Has Activision been bought out by Sony? All I know, is that Xbox One owners have many questions, but yet no apologizes, even worse, no answers, just an empty promise ( one so far ).. So come on Activision, at the very least, tell us who to blame.. Who do we hold responsible for this injustice you have bestowed us with.. I can honestly say, I am not the only person you have upset with this news.. I can also assure you, that Xbox One may give you more sales then the PS4 will.. Both Square Enix, and Netherrealms studios can account to that.. I know there is nothing one gamer can say, that will change this, but remember, in the end, it is just us gamers that buy your games.. Why buy a game, when the entire game will be spoiled to us, through Twitch and Youtube, buy Sony.. I was one of the few, who was thinking about buying the new Call of Duty when it came out in November, even Transformers: Rise of The Dark Spark, when that comes out in June.. Now I have to double think this, why preorder a game, get my hopes up, just to find out you pulled them too.. In the end, this is just bad for business..

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Sony having anything to do with the XB1 version being delayed/cancelled is the most ridiculous point one could make. Sony Pictures != SCE, 2 different companies. It's no system seller either as it was clearly aiming towards reaching the most consumers via multi-platform release.

The most likely reason for the delay is a critical issue with the gold master XB1 version. Maybe something a simple patch couldnt fix and thus they have to delay the release of the XB1 version. I also doubt that it has anything to do with the release parity clause Microsoft has (you can only release a game on XB1 if it launches on all platforms at the same time or is exclusive to XB1) since that is only for indie games and not for normal games published by someone like Activision (not 100% certain on that but I highly doubt it).

Now you have to pray and hope for them to release the game later on for the XB1 because, lets face it, it's a movie tie-in with no big appeal to the audience outside of the small release window it has due to the movie. I know a lot of people who wanted to get this but were put off really fast when they found out it's aimed at last gen platforms first.

If they can't manage to distribute the XB1 copies in time with the movie (or shortly after it's out in the US, the movie is already out in a lot of countries by now) they might not release it at all if they don't think the XB1 will add significant sales. It should be clear by now that the PS4 has the upper hand and if it sells bad on the PS4 they might not release it on XB1 due to being the even smaller platform.

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