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what ever happened to the unlimited crime thing.



back when the game came out it was all over the boards. the fact that the games been advertised with freeroam being back and being one of its selling points, surely it should be the best it can be. it almost is. the one thing that would finish it off is unlimited crime. i must admit, i havnt played this for ages. which is a shame because its an awsome game. but once its done, its done. no reason at all to go back. at least not for a long time untill your ready to play the story again. if we had the crime i can comfortably say i would still be playing this everyday. take spidy 3. it has its flaws but i was still playing that every now and then right up untill asm came out. the team have done such a great job and fallen at the very last hurdle. this could have been THE spidy game but without a reason to go back to it, it just falls ever so short of greatness. i had a look at the rhino dlc and tbh that isnt a worth while purchase because that alone will get boring quick. the lizard stuff doesnt seem to be much more indepth either so i wouldnt get that. unless the crime thing happens. then ill be all over the dlc.

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Nothing happened to it, it never was confirmed and the devs seemingly ignored all the requests. People requesting it doesnt mean it will happen. I highly doubt it's ever going to happen too.

The Lizard DLC was probably the last DLC coming out and to be fair that's a good thing. No need for them to waste time on releasing this challenge DLCs that get boring after 1 minute because they have no real purpose. They should've focused on story DLC (a movie story DLC, I would pay up to 20€ for that) and a Peter Parker freeroam mode.

I'm not angry at them anymore for giving no support or proper DLC, I'm pretty much done with this game and I doubt any future DLC is going to change that. Lets hope they learned their lesson and listen to the community ideas for the sequel.

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no i know it was never a confirmed thing. i come back here every now and then to see if anythings happening. this was a instant purchase for me but i think i will hang on a bit before getting anything else from beenox. this game was so nearly perfect.

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Registered: ‎07-07-2012
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