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wheres the new content?


the game was released in what, june. no mention of dlc officialy that i can find anywhere. what about the pre order stuff. surely thats gona be made available. if you guys (the devs) let this game fall flat and collect dust its a damn shame because its so nearly perfect. a game with an environment like this and gameplay pottential should not just be left alone. it should at least have some reason to come back to it once in a while. and while replayable missions is nice, that is not good enough on its own. i loved doing this game but ill be honest, i havnt been back to it since finishing. theres Nothing to do. at the very least can we have some word on the "random crime" situation. that alone would keep me playing. if nothing is done to support this game i believe many gamers will simply move on and when dlc is eventualy done, nobody will still have the game to buy it.

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Hi there and thank you for posting this i've too have been worndering the same thing and i've been looking for a frim release date but have come up empty

this game is almost 5 months old and still no brand new DLC i find this vary unacceptable and piss poor post release support and i am getting pretty fustrated with the lack of news as to when its coming

i have beaten the game time and time again even got the platium thropy for it on the PS3 and now i have stopped playing it cuz im board if they add the DLC i'll happily go back and play it again but i agree this game is so awesome and they need to breath new life into it by releaseing the DLC

i have the stragty guide and it says the pre order bonues will be released at a later date including the Vintege Spider-Man Movie Suit with his Jacket on from the movie

thisis the one im waiting on and its pissing me off that there no release date for this asi want to use this suit as well as stan lee why can't they just release it already

can we please get a frim release date on all the DLC for this game because there is no excuse to hide the release date so can we please get a release date as im tired of checking the psn store and being disappointed its not there can the devs or someone in the know please chime in on when the rest of the DLC will be releaed thank you have a great day

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Hi guys,  We can understand your frustration. Right now, however, we don't have any new news to deliver.  If we have any announcements, we'll make sure you know: we'll be posting them up on,,,, and here on these forums.  Thanks for letting us know how you feel and playing the game!

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maybe what you guys could do is go and ask the devs whats goin on. why are they not listening to the consumers and why have they let this awsome game die way earlier than it should have. so much potential just thrown away.

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I remember myself watching every possible ASM Video that came out, about news, Screenshots and so on and on...

AND, I do remember a Video by Beenox, telling us, that they will provide tons of DLCs. (some for free and some to buy)

Now here´s my question: Please define "tons" because im not really sure if I got taught right in school and btw. it´s allmost december and nothing really happend.

I haven´t touched the game in a while because like al the others mentioned:

Nothing left to do..

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My bad, looks like I forgot to update this thread when all the DLC dropped right before October.

Here's the link: 

Short version:

  1. Lizard Rampage Pack
  2. OsCorp Search & Destroy
  3. Stan Lee Adventure Pack
  4. Rhino Challenge Pack

The first two are entirely new content, the latter two are the different pre-order bonuses that fans heavily requested. 

Also, the Vigilante Suit is included with the Lizard Rampage pack.

et us know what you think of this DLC!

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Do you have any info on the europe release date for the Lizard rampage dlc?

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if this is the total of the dlc to be released then its a huge dissapointment. the stan lee stuff allows us to free roam. the other stuff in imho is not worth purchase. hpoefully if beenox make the next game, they wont let it fade away.

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