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will there be more challenges?


will there be more challenges?

When you look at the rhino challenge map, it says challenges not challenge, (if I remember from the video) meaning there might be more

should there be any more?

If so what about more Villain Challenges? Which other villains would you like to see get a challenge map?

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Re: will there be more challenges?

in reply to christiankid7

I would like to see the following:

- An arena mode where you fight against (endless) hordes of enemies (getting stronger every round)

- A run mode where Spider-Man has to escape from the police (e.g. in a building)

There hasnt been any word on how DLC might work out but it would be cool if challenges would also equal small mini-campaigns:

- A small mission/campaign that lets you fight the Lizard (pretty much the end of the movie as mission?)

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Re: will there be more challenges?

in reply to TimFL274

Edge of Time's arena was actually in the game but unlockable via a code from HeroHQ.

Maybe there's more locked things in-game we don't know about.

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