A dishonorable slap in the face

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A dishonorable slap in the face to anyone even remotely acquainted with history and or the second world war.

This game is a perfect illustration of all that is wrong with America. Yes, the buggy issues etc etc. Unfortunately, that has become the standard with Video Games these days. They're rushed to release, half completed and totally reliant on patches, updates and DLC to get your $50 worth, only by the time you're done, you've spent $100 or more. However, that isn't the real problem here. The problem is that political agendas are now constantly infused in to every aspect of our lives whether we want it or not. How dare you make a WWII game, about WWII and then CENSOR it because some may find it offensive? It's HISTORY people!!! If you find any aspect or element of history offensive that is the ultimate in tough $%&!. It has happened, it cannot be changed. The idea that we can change history because certain elements of it intrude upon our safe spaces it the height of stupidity. Plugging your ears and shutting your eyes will not erase the facts that played out before 99.9% of those playing were even born. This turns COD: WWII into COD: children being tricked into thinking swastikas didn't exist and there were black women in the Wehrmacht. If you would rather dishonor history, and those for whom it played a pivotal role (NAMELY YOURSELF) please continue to give money to these insufferable morons. The rest of us will abstain.

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Did you notice that in the calling cards there are no national flags either.. sure as he'll there is a rainbow flag, So 2% of the population of the U.S. can be proud.. but that's it.

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They are no swastikas in the game, not to ensure people are not offended, but because in Germany, it's illegal to do so. That being said, they are not going to develope a German version just for them, and they are not going to leave Germany out either.


As far as black women in the German army, no, they wasn't there, and that you won't find in the sigle player, only in the multi-player where they decided to allow you the player to be able to play with more choices than histoy would allow.

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Per the article you sourced, the campaign will have historically accurate imagery.


Acti has stated for months that the mp is a sandbox, not a documentary.


It's also a fact that depictions of Nazi imagery and symbols are largely illegal in Germany.  With the other issues going on, you want to introduce the technical challenge of making a separate version for Germany that has to interact with everyone else's?

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