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Yeah i gotta add something on to what i said, i'll admit its a pain in the ass to wait 30 days avoiding spoilers for zombie/war maps. and i'll admit i've gont and said "Why don't they release it all at the same time so they can make more money instead of taking Sonys chump change"

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Edit: My following comment totally sounds like I’m being a know-it-all-jerk so I apologize in advance. I don’t mean to sound this way. I think my response is more for the people who are flipping over tables because of the 30 day wait. It’s not aimed at you other people who are merely stating that the 30 day thing sucks.



To address the DLC 30 day wait.....


It’s not logical or practical for Xbox and PS4 DLC to release at the same time. Trust me when I tell you - they work on the platforms one at a time. I know this firsthand. The same team works on PS4 and then switches to Xbox. And as a side effect, they get an extra month of testing on PS4 live servers while they work on Xbox. It’s more efficient this way.


If you still think it’s dumb that they release one before the other....I honestly think you are just being emotional and not thinking about it logically. What else do you want them to do? Hire double the staff? Or just put in double the hours? Or spend half the time on each, causing them both to take double the amount of time? None of those are logical alternatives.


Not trying to be a DB here. Just helping people understand the reality of the situation. It makes sense if you compare it to the alternatives.

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