Add suppressors to all weapons and nerf riot shields!

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Can we add silencers to assault rifles and lmg's? We need some variation in this game a lot of people run subs just because they can attach a silencer. We should be able to attach a silencer to all of our weapons. And whats going on with these riot shields? They are literally impenetrable. They should be able to wear down from constant fire. If these existed during world war 2 we would have had a significant less amount of deaths for our troops. You guys added a riot shield from the future to a world war 2 game. How does a riot shield protect people when its on their back? Even on hardcore it delfects bullets lmao cmon why dont y'all listen to the community? Everyone wants these riot shields nerfed or removed 

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In this iteration of CoD, given it's current age, as well as having undergone one extensive overhaul to the entire way this game was setup, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it is very doubtful your wish will come to fruition. Oddly enough, I find myself siding with the decision to make the SMGs (and pistols) the only loadouts that allowed for a suppressor, and I never thought I would say that. Early on, I was in the same line of thinking as you; let me put suppressors on everything. However, I think the divisions overhaul brought a system that nobody asked for in the first place, up to a level where most of us can, objectionably look at the game and say, "I don't like it this way, but, I understand why things are this way."


I also understand the whole "if everything is OP, then nothing is OP" line of thought, but I don't agree with it. Look how much people are already complaining about "sniper rifle X is 50 pounds, with 20lb bullets, yet people can Sprint with them and quickscope and .... Realism this, authentic that". Just imagine how bad that argument would get when people would start saying "it's already a 3HK weapon within X meters, now you mean to tell me they can lug a 500lb gun all over the map, while sprinting, and stay off of the radar? That's OP". 


I don't like the division system, and much prefer the pick 10 setups. However, suppressors on everything would just throw off what balance exists. 

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This game went to sh!t when they threw Shipment into the regular rotation. People were being forced to play a garbage map they didn’t pay for while the ones they did pay for hardly came up in the vote. Hurry BO4!!!

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I'll be honest, I have only played Shipment twice outside of it's own playlist. The first time was a hardcore free-for-all, and yes, that was mildly aneurysm inducing, but the other time was just a standard Dom match. I'm not sure how one free map, a map that every last one of us are more than capable of backing out of if we wish to do so, can single-handedly be a game's saving grace, or cause of damnation. Then again, if it weren't Shipment, it would undoubtedly be something else. 


When did everybody get so dag gone whiney? Not in the sense of "this game isn't what I expected, and here is why. . .", but in the sense that people actually believe one single map somehow negates the other maps in the game, or any other fine-tuning that a studio may have done? 

So, if Shipment were not in standard rotation, or you could somehow magically back out of the lobby when this map came up, the game would then be OK?


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The reason supressors would be OP on rifles and LMG's are the ranges.


Imagine you have a Lewis with supressor, it wouldn't impact the range of it at all.


You'd have to nerf advanced rifeling as well since that doubles the ranges for rifles.


I don't actually think supressors are that usefull in this game. Maybe on a map like Du Hoc where action seems to follow a more circular pattern, but on Maps like Aachen, Ardennes and many others gunfights are predominantly head on so when you run supressors you're actually putting yourself at a disadvantage. I have been running them in TDM and they are not always that usefull. Plus in close quarters people will still hear you. In DOM they can be handy when you're cutting off players going for B and flanking aroud but often they will expect you coming anyway.

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That is kind of the point I was trying to make, even though my post turned into a stream-of-thought wall of text. 


I guess we could also note that there is the age old strategy of not using the suppressor to bait your opponent into your weapon's ideal zone while we're at it.


BTW; I tried to send you a party up request yesterday evening, but the invite never actually got sent from the looks of it. I kept getting the "you must wait before inviting this player to your party" message. 

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