Any chance of adding medal viewer?

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I would liked if someone from the dev sees this to answer it. Why is it not out yet? why it's not there from the beggining? I know that same questions are already here, but i wanted to get answer from devs, i know it's unfulfilled dream but i still want to try.

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you can see the medals you earned in the after match stats. 

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Hes talking about being able to view all the medals you have earned not just the ones after a match.

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but I would like to review medals I have earned and how many times over my career

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It should be there day one. I don't get it. Either IW or BO3 had the same problem when it first launched. I just don't see it coming... seems like a simple thing to me, but what do I know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Seems a 3 year cycle is to less to finish a game like it should be at start for all of them. Especially for SHG...LOL

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This couldn't have taken 3 years to make, 2 at most but I do believe that SHG was making AW2 and when they seen how bad IW did before it even launched they panicked and made this.


The reason I believe this is because there's so many things missing like the medal viewer, paint jobs, many of the HQ things didn't work and more so there's no way WW2 was in development for 3 years.


If in 3-5 years time we get another jetpack cod I %100 guarantee it will be AW2 due it being already somewhat developed.


I sound like a tin foil hat cod guy😂

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Their is a chance that a piece of the sun will fall down to earth and hit you in the nose so yes, their is a chance that they will add a metal viewer.

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Just go to the challenges tab and you can see what medals you have earned.

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