Any one else find it difficult to aim in tbis game??

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I never have difficulty adjusting to aiming mechanics in a cod game until this one (been playimg since mw3). I find myself repeatedly landing the first 3-4 shots of a gunfight and i end up dying (another problem all its own). When i go to aim and shoot i cant fluidly follow my target. The gun just kicks up and i cant turn smoothly with my target. Everyone i play against seems to be able to jump and hipfire with prestine accuracy when i encoubter them in game....any one else having similar issues?

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Yea having the same issues when I made it finally into a game. When I pull the trigger it feels like kinda a force field is not letting me follow the target, I just can shoot straight up in one direction, not left or right. LOL Dunno if I´m to dumb for, or whatever...dunno exactly how to describe. But I know what you mean.

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something seems off to me too. shooting someone 3-4 times first, then dying because the rest of your bullets dont register is nice too though

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There is a new mechanic in the way the aim assist works in multiplayer in this game and it's likely what is causing this issue for you folks.  I could do a long right up explaining how it appears to be working.  But, I am heading to bed. So, instead let me tell you how to fix it.  Go under the options menu and go to the controlls.  Scroll down to where it says "Aim Assist Rotation"  and turn it off.  The game will aim and feel a lot like previous COD games with this disabled.   Make sure "Aim Assist Slowdown"  is still enabled. But, turning off the rotation will help.  

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Aim assist rotation is just the other half of the aim assist equation; it's what we've always had when moving the left stick so our crosshairs move over the enemy player model while in range. Sledgehammer just likes to split it up into two parts.


Rotation applies to left stick movement, slowing down your strafe speed as seen by the way your character's crosshairs rotate around an enemy, and slowdown applies to right stick movement, slowing down raw aiming sensitivity. 

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It called Aim Bot. Look it up.
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