BO2 hacking & modding

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Is there anything being done by developers to address the amount of hacking and modding on BO2?

Does reporting players, in game, that cheat do anything? 

Black ops 2 is the best COD ever, but I never have a multiplayer where there isn't a cheat!?

this occurs on both Xbox 360 & PS 3.

can you provide me with any information regarding this?



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Only info anyone can give you is the following: this is the wrong sub-forum for BO2 related issues. The best you can do is report in-game, but from what I have read and watched, the BO2 modded and hacked lobbies are still a thing on last gen consoles, and probably always will be until the servers are finally turned off. Might as well just state the obvious, but even though BO2 is playable on the XB1 through backwards compatibility, you are using the same serves as XB360 users are using, so you will still see mod/hacked lobbies on XB1.

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