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Can we change the name and leave out the World War 2 portion of the name? I don't care what it is, but this game has few big inaccuracies to be called a World War 2 shooter. Women did not fight on the front lines, and it is a diservice to all the men and women of this world's World Wars to portray them in anyway different. And the it really true there isn't a single swastica in this game because we didn't want to offend anyone? There must have been some butt hurt jews in that game studio who were saddened they had to draw up some swasticas...I AM JEWISH and this pisses me off!


I get the feminist movement and all (I'm neither for nor against it) and how game developers love jumping on that bandwagon to try and cater to as many potential buyers as possible. But in the long run, you hurt your sales with a game such as this. Look at Mass Effect: Andromeda. Will this be a repeat? I was looking forward to this COD, I haven't been this excited for an FPS since Modern Warfare and MW2. But history is my thing, and when you start screwing with it and try to sell it off as a historic representation...thats where I draw the line.


I've bought every COD except Infinite Warfare because it looked like an Advanced Warfare reskin. I will most likely be skipping out on this until it hits $15 on Mainstream has been my thing, but there's finally such a thing as "too mainstream".


*EDIT* I forgot to mention how inaccurate most of the weapons are in this game. I like that they finally sound better than past CODs, but honestly the sites on the M1 need rethinking and the MP40 fires about 50% faster than it actually does IRL. Did any of the devs get to spend hours on end shooting each of these guns prior to designing them? Doesn't seem like it...

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Look on the bright side... you now know you don't want to buy the game and it cost you nothing. 




You're welcome. 👍

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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I'm a history person too and long time CoD player since the first. I totally agree about the inacuraccies part and it does bother me too BUT not to the point of not playing the game. I've waited far to long to get a CoD that's not a bunch of robots jumping around like kanagaroos. I will keep my pre-order and role the dice on this one. If it fails, I will simply "retire" from CoD as it's not worth my money anymore.  

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