Battlefield 5 will be better than Call Of Duty WWII

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I'm saying that Battlefield 5 will be better 

Nobody likes Call Of Duty ww2 

More COD fans like the old ones like cod3, cod4, waw, mw2, bo1, and mw3 

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You know that you can't prove an Opinion right?
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Ok well what is your favourite cod 

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Someone must like WW2, people haven't come on wondering why it's impossible to find a game.

Don't mistake your chosen echo chamber for greater reality.

Also, won't Bf be directly competing with BO4, not WW2?
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What a silly topic. You like battlefield?? 

Neat. Their forum is somewhere else. See you there! 

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Tbh... Both brands bring a different experience to the table. Cod is good for arcade style multiplayer battle, where as battlefield is better for large scale map wars. However, with that being said... When black ops 4 releases its going to completely destroy the battlefield brand! Battle royale large scale battles will revolutionise the cod brand, and will sweep battlefield off its feet. The only thing Battlefield will then have an advantage over cod, is the environment destruction..... If cod can also bring this to the table..... Then it would be game over for the bf brand

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Battlefield games take way to long to play one single online game. You can get sniped from 456 thousand miles away and still not know who the eff is killing you for the 20th time from that distance or where they are.


If you play CoD a little later than anyone else..for example..You buy CoD in February you can still play and get some kills/objectives and learn the maps and have fun. If you buy Battlefield late and play it in February you have no chance at all.


The only good thing about Battlefield is the dynamic maps and the way you can blow up walls and destroy cover.


But, why not enjoy both? There is no law saying if you buy Battlefield you can't buy CoD same as if you buy Pro Evo Soccer it doesn't mean you can't by FIFA.


The little community etiquette of you can't have both is silly.

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+1. I buy and enjoy both ever year. I am a member on here and the battlefield forums, I probably play both as equal as each apart from when AW came out as it was trash where I played BF a lot lot more.
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Apples. Oranges. Both are fruits.


Totally different tastes.


Some like apples.

Some like oranges.

Some prefer bananas.

They're all good for you. 


See how that works?






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Appples = CoD

Oranges = Battlefield

Bananas = ?? Fortnite? I orderd fortnite via amazon, took 2 weeks to arrive.

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