Bugs & mounting issues still not resolved ! SOS!

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Hi everyone, I am writing this post today to share a new issue I have encountered in the last few days that is really annoying & making the game almost unplayable for me! Also, I will list all bugs/issues still outstanding that for me have not been yet rectified.


So a few days ago I was playing TDM on shipment, (10MB connection, no other devices connected & full signal showing in the game) all of a sudden the muzzle of my gun without firing or touching aim started to climb, sometimes just a few inches to wildly off target. This has got progressively worse where today it is almost every game!

I have reset router, reset console & cleared cache ect but makes no difference. This has never happened before.
Footage of this issue can be seen here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlU8W-t8RJk


Another random issue that started before the muzzle climb but only ever on DOM is on the second half I'm regularly not able to join game until its underway, that is to say once the clock ticks down everyone is let of their leash the game begins & I'm just watching unable to move for 10 - 30 secs! I thought at first I was being given a handicap start for getting to many kills/streaks & to give the other side a chance. I'm not noticing any lag & reception is always full strength/green.

Other issues are as follows - 

1. At least 1 x Paratrooper always gets stuck when called in on DOM/Shipment.

2. I regularly get stuck in the air parachuting in on Dom/Shipment as Commando div.

3. I dont get the news feed updates in game (Never have), though my partner does on her profile on my console & her own one.

3. When I go to run round a Shielded Cavalry soldier there is always a invisible block that slows me down & interrupts firing its really annoying!

4. Despite reaching max level prestige, doing all required challengers ect, using the latest update & upgrading to PS4 Pro with fresh install I still cannot get access to many items like The Heroic Surgeon Uniform & PPSH.

5. On Shipment Domination the game frequently ends abruptly & says 'Game Over' no explanation.


I will up date this list if I experiance or remember anymore issues.

Are any of you experiancing these issues still or any others?

I have been patient with Activision & still enjoyed WW2 despite all its issues but this aim issue I can not put up with as its effecting the results & enjoyment of the game dramtically, there is an update I believe on its way in March but thats too long to wait for this aim issue to be addressed if at all in that update.




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