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Does anyone really want the return of COD WAW announcers style? 


To me it had such an awesome flair about it. If you'd win a match as the Marines you'd be greeted with this line "Outstanding, Marines! Out-*****ing standing! We kicked ass!''"


It would be something I'd love to see return. 



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Tokyo Rose as the voice when you're the Japanese?

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As long as it sounds good.....
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Yes, the announcers and anthems were great and memorable. I hope the don't tone it down. 

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Of course it was Awesome, it was Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Oldman.


How could it not be awesome?


I do want them to get distinctive voices for the announcers, the ones lately have been dull.


But if they do that, they can't make money off VO packs, so...

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We NEED that type of style of announcer! I've always said that CODWAW has THE best announcers. They are the most motivational, especially when you're in those moments of gameplay in multiplayer. PLEASE bring that back!

My favs are the Red Army announcer and the Imperial Army announcer. There's some good lines from the Marine Raider as well.


ALSO, on this topic, CODWAW has the best battle chatter amongst soldiers during multiplayer. They are the most talkative and teammates' soldiers will automatically holler out things they see on the battlefield like "Sniper in the Admin building!", etc. They talk trash to the enemy, all that stuff. Lets get that too^^
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