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Hello  im having a problem with hq even when i buyed the game and the problem is the hq is allways empty ididint even see a single person once

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Probably a dumb question, but did you tried to restart the game? Fixed it for me most of the time.

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My HQ has been empty for the last week also and I'm LVL1000 been playing since launch. Nothing I have tried works. Port fowarding did't work. I have an open NAT type 2. 

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By the way I can still join games though. Just my HQ is empty.
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I also raised this in another post a few days ago. I've also reported the problem through the support web site. I've got 256 consecutive days of logging in and only once have briefly had this problem before - shortly after launch. But it's over a week since I'vet been in a populated HQ.


Like you, I've tried everything I can think of (restarts, cache clearing (PS4), router reset) and everything that's been suggested by people on this forum without success. I get put into the updated Days of Summer HQ, but I'm the only one in it. Very frustrating as I was approaching level 19 social score and racking up some additional ACs with the flak gun events.


What platform are you on and what region are you in? I'm on PS4 on the east coast of Australia.

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