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Faction Ideas

Nazi Germany = 3rd Reich (Wehrmacht) Afrika Korps, Waffen SS, Panzergrenadier Divisions, Operation Barbarrossa Sturmtruppen, Luftwaffe Fallschirmjagers, Adolf Hitler Division

United States =  101st Airborne Division, 22nd Armored Division, Patton's 3rd Army, XX Corps, U.S.A.F (United States Air Force),  U.S.M.C (United States Marine Corps)  

Britain and Canada (If in the game)  22nd S.A.S,  1st & 7th Armoured Division, Royal Engineers, R.A.F (Royal Air Force), Various Canadian Divisions

French Resistance (If in the Game) -several groups decided randomly by Activision/Sledgehammer-

Russia (If in the game) 1st Rifle Guards Division, 3rd Shock Army, 1st T34 Battallion, 2nd Infantry Battallion

Italy (If in the Game) Heer Infanty, Blackshirts (Il Duce's own) 

Imperial Japan (If in the game) -Various Infantry Divisions, Tank Divisions, and other special  project divisions- All can be decided upon by DevTeam


Equipment Ideas

Nazi Germany Karibiner 98 kurz (Kar98k) Maschinepistole 38/40 (MP38-40), Sturmgewehr 43/44 (STG-44) Maschinegewehr 34/42 (MG34, MG42) Panzerschreck/faust,  Walther P38, Luger P08, Mauser C96, Stielhandgranate 36 (Potato Masher)

United States M1 Garand, M1A1 Carbine, M1903A4 Springfield, Thompson M1A1, Browning Automatic Rifle M1918 (BAR), M1896 Trench Gun, Browning M1919 (.30 Cal) M9 Bazooka, M1911, Colt New Service M1917, Browning Hi-Power ,M3 Frag Grenade (Pineapple)

Britain and Canada (if in the Game) Lee-Enfield (whole Series) Thompson M1928/A1, Sten Series, Webley Mk. V and VI, Browning Hi-Power ,Mills Bomb Grenade

French Resistance (if in the Game) DeLisle Carbine, Silent Sten Mk.2, Silent M1911, Dynamite Charges, M3 Grenade  

Russia (If in the game) Mosin-Nagant M1897, PPSH-41, PPS-42, Tokerev TT-33, Nagant M1893 Revolver, RGD-33 Stick Grenade

Italy (If in the game) Carcano M1934, Villar Perosa,

Imperial Japan (If in the Game) Arisaka Types 37, 38, 99, Arisaka Machine gun Type 99, Type 100 SMG, Nambu Type 14

Vehicle Ideas

Nazi Germany =  Panzerkampwagen Series (Entire) Sdkfz Series (most), Opel Blitz, Junker Ju 87 bomber, Heinkel 11 Bomber, Stuka Dive Bomber, Messerschmit 110 and BF109,

United States = Sherman Series (entire) M5 Staurt M3 Grant/Lee, Halftrack Series (entire), B-24, B-25,  P-51 Mustang Fighter, Avenger Dive/Torpedo Bomber, F6F Hellcat, F4F Wildcat, P-40 Warhawk, P-61 Black Widow (Night Flyer)

Britain and Canada = S.A.S Jeep Series, Sherman Firefly, Lancaster Mk. V Bomber, Spitfire Fighter, Hurricane Fighter, Mosquito Dive Bomber

French Resistance =  S.A.S Jeep Series 

Russia = T34/85, T34/76, IS-1, IS-2, DB-3 Bomber, Illyushin Fighter, Sturmkovich Dive Bomber

Italy = Carro Armato Series

Imperial Japan = Mitsubishi Armored Series, A6M Zero

Killstreak Ideas

Scout Plane (UAV) = 3 kills

Supply Crate (Care Package) = 5 kills

Firebomb Strike (Napalm Strike) = 5 kills

Artillery Strike (Artillery)= 5 kills

Mortar Barrage (Mortars) = 6 kills

Dive Bombers! (Bomber to ground attack) = 7 kills











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Some nice ideas...


You're about 18 months too late I would think but...some nice ideas.

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Looks great but it's a balancing nightmare unless you make, say, all the SMG's with the same stats for all factions. Same with the other weapons. 


They tried the "factions" with segregated gun selection in CoD3. Problem was that people who wanted to use the BAR, had to be on the allies side and if they were on the axis, the only AR was the MP44. Plus the weapon choices were limited in that game too. I think the devs never want to go down the path of gun segregation by faction route again. Just causes to many issues. 

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Personally I hate the idea of locked weapons.Gameplay is always a priority over realism,and there is no reason to stop people from using their favourite rifle all the time

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