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1. Everybody wants a lag free game.

2. Hit markers and lag. As long not everybody has a great connection there will be lag there for hot marker issues.

3. Weapon balance. WaW was quite good with balance. You can't say anything how the balance will be looking at the last few cod's 

4. Hand to hand combat. Just different melee weapons and done.

5. Team play. Also in bf people won't play as a team. 

6. Less building's. The maps should be a mix of open maps and city maps. Without building's it will get boring. Not just the campers that won't move all game. But for the players protecting objectives etc.

7. Probably mist some points.


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"...The battlefield places shouldn't have too much buildings because of campers, my goodness how unfair that is "


This is where I stopped reading #REALLYbaddy.


Need to...

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I'm going to redo the whole thing, probably gonnna edit it tomorrow, You can analyze it again for the The first section is polished off, Sorry for my misunderstanding And also I did reedit what that really meant, but I have to do it again later, it took a whole day doing it but my phone turned off.
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If they actively go after campers again, I'll do the same as I did on IW, play the campaign and trade it in. Let people pay how they want unless they're cheating or exploiting. When you design the game and the penalties to encourage only one playstyle it gets old quickly.
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I think ultimately, COD games need to enable all play styles. You have to be able to camp and have the tools to do so, while at the same time rushers need to be able to counter those tactics. The challenge is creating the balance in which Camping tools are powerful enough to allow the tactic to be viable and yet not so powerful and difficult to counter that people can dig in like a tick for entire matches.

At the same time, Rushers can't have carte blanche. It should require them to have to think, plan, be aware, and actively counter tools used by campers or slower players, not just blow through them.
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Certainly. No need to move the pendulum all the way the other way.
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