Call of Duty: World War II PC Updates [2/13/2018]

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Call of Duty: World War II PC Updates [2/13/2018]

Hey everyone, 

Below are the patch notes for the February 13th update for Call of Duty: World War II on PC. This list is inclusive of new updates in the patch and daily live updates that have happened since the previous patch. 

For patches notes on the other platforms: head here for XB1 or head here for PS4

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Game Update 1/23/18
Game Update 12/19/17
Game Update 12/8/17
Game Update 11/13/17

Game Update: 2/13/18


  • New Resistance Weapons and Uniforms
  • 9MM SAP is now available to equip in Zombies loadouts
  • HQ tab in MP menus
  • Logitech LED keyboard functionality

Connectivity/Spawns/Performance/Split Screen/Mechanics

  • Fixed issues with Hold Crouch in tight spaces
  • Fixed issues with calling in scorestreaks
  • Fixed split screen issue with players in parties trying to leave a party
  • Fixed spawning issue causing enemy and friendly tags not showing properly
  • Fixed issue in split screen where player’s avatar defaults to Desert Rat when playing as Resistance Division and upon leaving a public match
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to pause the game in Local MP match
  • Fixed issue where players were receiving error message “Lost connection to host/server. Connection timed out.” when loading in HQ


  • Fixed issues with Prop Hunt crashing
  • Fixed issues with Flash Grenade in Prop Hunt
  • Fixed issue in Demolition where there were no timers between round transitions Party System/HQ
  • Fixed issue with Mail where items were shown as placeholders
  • Fixed issue where players would be kicked out of HQ when attempting to watch a video in the Theater
  • Improved functionality of the Emblem Gallery
  • Fixed issues with party invites and loss of functionality


  • Fixed issues with Division UI on Ultrawide monitors
  • Fixed issue with custom keybindings not updating Firing Range UI
  • Various UI fixes and improvements (text descriptions, Dossier menus, Emblem Editor, etc)
  • Fixed issue where additional losses were being incorrectly added to player’s record, driving down the win %
  • Fixed issue where expiration time was not showing up for Resistance Bribe Contract
  • Fixed issue where some items were showing incorrect image on supply drop cards


  • Added Scrambler and Indicator toggle for Resistance Division
  • Fixed issue where players were unable to open supply drop menu after Prestiging


  • Fixed various SFX issues

Supply Drops

  • Fixed issue where Polish Underground II Uniform was appearing in supply drops


  • Adjusted Paratroopers so they no longer target enemy aerial scorestreaks and no longer select Shovels or Serrated Basic Training
  • Fixed interactions between all fire weaponry and water (Anthropoid)
  • Fixed issue where sometimes view through the scope during ADS is blacked out
  • Fixed various weapon art issues
  • Fixed various display issues with the 9MM SAP


  • Fixed issue where players kills and deaths were not properly tracking
  • Fixed various UI issues with winners’ circle, AAR, and blank AAR Stats tab


  • Fixed issue where players were not able to connect to each other to start match


  • Fixed issue where players did not get melee weapon back after losing Wonder Weapon, resulting in ability to melee with standard issue guns
  • Fixed various map exploits
  • Fixed issue where 2XP icons were not showing up in all intended locations
  • Fixed issue where some weapons were missing animated camos
  • Fixed animation issues with various Zombies
  • Various UI fixes and improvements
  • Fixed issue in TDS where players were unable to leave Pommel Room after obtaining the Pommel
  • Fixed issue where players were not awarded the correct amount of supply crates
  • Fixed weapon inconsistencies that occur when players bleed out with only the Ripsaw in their possession
  • Fixed an issue where zombies affected by shellshock were unstunning
  • Fixed various weapon exploits
  • Fixed issue where users were unable to pause the game in Local Zombies match
  • Fixed issues various progression issues with Zombies

Game Update: 1/23/18



  • Connectivity/Spawns/Performance/Split Screen/Mechanics
  • Fixed issue with enabling gamepad
  • Fixed issue with split screen keyboard functionality
  • Fixed issue with equipping scorestreaks upon spawning in after dying 
  • Fixed issue where when player accepts invite to HQ, game crashes with a fatal error or lost host connection 
  • Fixed game crash issue in Operation Neptune 
  • Sped up health regeneration
  • Removed shell shock from friendly explosions 
  • Fixed issue where scrolling causes game to crash 
  • Improved map voting functionality 
  • Fixed unlock Token issues with split screen 
  • Fixed hard crash issues occurring mid-match 
  • Fixed various functionality and disconnect issues due to host migration/inactivity 
  • Fixed issue where player is stuck on launcher tier after simultaneously killing self and another player with Panzerschreck 
  • Fixed issue where players were unable to connect and receiving error “Couldn't connect to server because the data is incompatible.” 
  • Fixed various split screen functionality issues


  • Fixed issue in Operation Griffin where buildable wall leading to Fuel Depot A is nonexistent after supposedly being built 
  • Fixed various out of map exploits


  • Fixed issue where players were unable to win Gun Game by killing enemies with the throwing knife 
  • Fixed rare issue where player loaded into an unbalanced 7v5 Gridiron match 
  • Fixed issue in S&D where players are temporarily stuck after Planting the Bomb or executing a Fatal Melee
  • Fixed issue with Gridiron AI dropping ball and not playing to objective 
  • Fixed issue in S&D and CTF where players were seeing incorrect Draw/Defeat messages

Party System/HQ

  • Fixed issue with invitees being “kicked for inactivity” 
  • Fixed various Firing Range issues 
  • Fixed issues with party members’ functionality loss results from leader’s actions 
  • Fixed issue where players experience a hard crash when attempting to join HQ after a match 
  • Fixed issues with party invites 
  • Fixed various party system functionality issues


  • Fixed scoreboard remaining on screen when toggling the Steam overlay
  • Fixed UI error when following Message of the Day links
  • Fixed split screen issue where first-time users see placeholder images/text after leaving first match and selecting HQ 
  • Moved HQ from being the first default option 
  • Fixed issue in Mail where false notifications were appearing 
  • Fixed issue where weapon attachments were not appearing in AAR 
  • Fixed issues with Payroll collection UI 
  • Added message stating that using open NAT and network cable could improve UX 
  • Fixed various UI issues with emblems 
  • Other various UI fixes and improvements


  • Fixed issue where Infantry, Primed Basic Training, and Hunker Basic Training were not working as intended 
  • Fixed Prestige exploit 
  • Fixed issue with weapon stats failing to track properly

Orders, Contracts, Challenges

  • Fixed inconsistencies and issues with TDM and DOM Kill Contracts 
  • Fixed issue where various Orders were not tracking properly 
  • Fixed issue where various Orders were not completing properly 
  • Fixed issue where players were not able to obtain certain Weekly Orders from Major Howard 
  • Fixed issue where only Concussion Grenades were counting towards the “Get 5 kills on enemies affected by a tactical grenade” Order


  • Fixed issue where volume of some announcer VO lines in War Mode were louder than intended 
  • Turned down foley footstep volume, as well as other players’ footstep volume
  • Fixed issue where players could hear enemies through voice chat during a match 
  • Various SFX improvements


  • Fixed issue where at start of game, not all arrows on map were placed at valid positions 
  • Improved Sky Cam (Hammer Cam) functionality 
  • Fixed issues with Display and Division settings menus 
  • Various UI fixes and improvements 
  • Improved scrolling functionality

Supply Drops

  • Fixed issue where opening a supply drop after purchasing kicks players back to the previous menu


  • Fixed issue with 15th loadout in Ranked Play
  • Fixed issue where stats were not accurately tracking on scoreboard 
  • Fixed issue where when transitioning between menus during a match countdown, a loss was temporarily added to the player’s record 
  • Fixed UI issues with rank icons 
  • Combat records are not updated aside from Ranked Play stats when playing in Ranked Play games 
  • Improved MMR logic 
  • Improved consistency of Placement Matches to reflect actual wins/losses 
  • Fixed party size and matchmaking exploits
  • Fixed issue where players lose MMR after completing a duo match 
  • Fixed issue where MP Divisions were replaced with Ranked Play Divisions when players left Ranked matches 
  • Fixed additional issues in Ranked Play with wins counting as losses 
  • Fixed issue where Ranked Play stats were counting towards Global stats
  • Other various UI fixes and improvements


  • Fixed weapon stats failing to track with damage modifiers
  • Fixed functionality issues with Mortar Strike and Care Package
  • Fixed issue where the Capo Verde GPMG was showing the body for the Fiore Di Morte 
  • Fixed issue where not all variants of the weapons that were tuned last week received the tuning changes 
  • Fixed issue where user did not auto-switch to secondary melee weapon when primary ran out of ammo 
  • Fixed issue where Akimbo pistol attachment was overriding weapon tuning 
  • Fixed issue that allowed players to equip a Scorestreak without consuming it 
  • Fixed issue where double reload happens on its own 
  • Fixed Ice Pick UI and equipping issues 
  • Fixed various reticle inconsistencies 
  • Fixed Iron Sights and reticle inconsistencies/alignment on GPMG and SVT-40 
  • Fixed issue with equipping Molotovs after using Fighter Pilot scorestreak 
  • Fixed display issues with Trench Knife and its variants


  • Nerfed Camouflage so special meter drains faster 
  • Nerfed the ammo multiplier of Fully Loaded in conjunction with buffing reserve ammo multiplier for all weapons, so the net total is nearly unchanged 
  • Fixed issue where players were able to equip multiple scope attachments and multiple of the same attachment
  • Improved notifications for when players receive a supply drop 
  • Fixed Prestige exploits 
  • Fixed issue where players were unable to use base weapons without having to complete a Challenge or Collection 
  • Fixed issue where mods were not properly applied in-game after selection 
  • Fixed issues with Jack in the Box after respawning 
  • Fixed countdown timer issues 
  • Fixed issue where signing into split screen profile causes title to hang for up to two minutes 
  • Various UI fixes and improvements 
  • Various audio fixes and improvements 
  • Fixed various map exploits 
  • Fixed various party system issues


  • Resistance Event items
  • Implemented custom emblem sharing
  • Security improvements

Game Update: 12/19/17


  • Fixed an issue in Winter Carentan where placeholder text was visible
  • Adjusted melee weapon lean speed to match pistol lean speed
  • Fixes for aspect ratio UI issues
  • UI fixes in Emblem Editor
  • Fixed issue where reload animation played twice when triggered
  • Fixed issues that were causing difficulties with matchmaking under certain conditions after leaving a playlist


  • Fixed an issue where placement matches weren’t accurately tracking and wins were counting as losses
  • Fixed UI issues with Divisions after leaving a Ranked Play match in progress
  • Fixed an issue where some players would receive starting rank before all placement matches were completed


  • Full support for Splitscreen
  • Keyboard and Mouse + Controller
  • Controller + Controller


  • Fixed issues that could result in corrupt data or graphical anomalies when patching and resuming from checkpoints

Game Update: 12/8/17



  • Winter Carentan added
  • Winter Siege Gear and Weapons added 
  • Winter Siege Game Modes added


  • Fixed issues relating to disconnects
  • Improvements to partying up in custom match 
  • Fixed various party issues related to crashes and long load screens
  • Fixed issue where party members bypass AAR
  • Fixed issue where players cannot edit “Force Respawn” game option
  • Fixed issue where players first entering MP are unable to select a Division
  • Fixed issue where players who assign themselves to spectate in FFA actually load in as a normal player
  • Fixed Prestige exploits
  • Fixed map exploits on Gibraltar, USS Texas, Pointe du Hoc, Aachen, Sainte Marie du Mont
  • Fixed issue allowing players to “frog jump”
  • AI behavior improvements in War Mode
  • Fixed issue causing error messages when loading out of War Mode matches
  • War Mode Operation Neptune in game UI improvements 
  • Fixed War Mode issue allowing players to build and destroy buildables outside of the objective zone
  • Fixed issue in HC where players are able to steal Care Packages from teammates they kill
  • Implemented “3 team kills and you’re kicked” rule in HC
  • Fixed issue in HC where team kill deaths count towards KDR
  • Fixed UI issue where XP earned from medals was not displaying, leading players to think they were not getting XP
  • Fixed UI inaccuracies and general improvements to Divisions menu
  • CTF minimap improvements
  • Gridiron in game UI improvements 
  • Added weapon base name and Division to supply drop cards
  • Fixed new item UI
  • Added progress bar for “Downloading updates”
  • General UI and art fixes and improvements 
  • Added Mute All and Toggle Mute options in HQ
  • Fixed issue where players died instantly after respawning in 1v1 pit
  • Fixed issue where players can be killed and/or crash while exiting and entering HQ Firing Range
  • Fixed out of world exploits in HQ
  • Fixed issue where Orders and Challenges are not tracking properly
  • Fixed Contract exploits in HQ
  • Fixed issue where players received an incorrect error message when attempting to play a public match for a party larger than six players
  • Fixed issue where in public FFA matches where players are kicked for inactivity, no forfeit timer appears for remaining players
  • Fixed issue where players who should receive post-match bonuses do not receive them
  • Fixed infinite Scorestreak exploit
  • Fixed issue where progress for Weekly Orders not tracking
  • Fixed audio looping issues after AAR
  • Fixed issue where opening supply drops after selecting “Inspect Soldier” or after entering Theater causes loss in functionality
  • Fixed issue where M1A1 reticle unlocked at 50 kills, instead of 500 – becomes parity with all other weapons


  • Fixed issue with fire path of Panzerschreck when aiming for Scorestreaks
  • Fixed iron sight alignment on weapon variant for SVT and 1911
  • Decreased amount of glare when using heroic shotguns
  • Fixed issue with MG-42 VFX
  • Fixed ADS fire for MG-42 reticle
  • Fixed hip-fire inconsistencies on STG-44 (crouching vs. standing)
  • Fixed suppressor VFX
  • Fixed issue where Waffe 28 Variant "Soggy" wasn’t attaching sight attachments correctly
  • Fixed issues when inspecting weapon and sprinting 
  • Fixed issue where equipping High Caliber on a rifle blocks player from equipping Steady Aim and Grip
  • Improved visibility on Throwing Knife path



  • Fixed freezing in menus
  • Implemented Leaderboards
  • Fixed issue where players lose all XP upon leaving match
  • Fixed issue where players cannot open supply drops after Prestiging
  • Fixed error received when joining Zombies through HQ
  • Fixed issue where players joining Zombies from MP are sent to empty test space
  • Fixed issue where players can create custom Prologue match
  • Fixed issue where team-based trophies / achievements now granted to players who joined in progress before the fifth wave.
  • Fixed general issues with XP gains 
  • Added progress bar for “Downloading updates”
  • Other general UI fixes and improvements 
  • Fixed an issue where players could interact with objects when dying as last standing survivor.


  • BAR nerfed to add more recoil
  • Reticle unlock fix for STG-44 reflex sight
  • Custom reticle fixes for scopes of Kar98K and Lee Enfield
  • Primed Basic Training nerf


  • Full support for Ranked Play
  • Full support for enhanced Emblem Editor added.
  • Create, edit, and equip emblems from the Multiplayer Menu without loading into Headquarters. 
  • Creating and editing emblems has been fined tuned to take advantage of mouse and keyboard. 
  • Opacity slider has been included to enhance player control over their custom emblems.
  • Rotation and scale size adjustments can be completed faster due to PC controls
  • Minor quality of life improvements
  • Updates for Discord
  • Ability to tailor Discord Rich Presence and Join support
  • Once the user has enabled Discord Rich Presence for Call of Duty: WWII in the Discord App Settings for Games, the user will now have the following options within the Call of Duty Settings:
  • In-game support for handling Discord Ask-To-Join
  • Accept requests individually or all at once
  • Reject individual requests
  • User can optionally enable Auto-Accept or Auto-Reject, globally, or for In-Match only
  • Discord Configuration
  • Adjust the level of Discord Rich Presence from Minimal to Full
  • User can choose to enable Discord Join - invites and asks - globally or just for HQ and Menu
  • Select a Discord message to let others know whether you are looking for group or trying to get one together
  • If preferred, disable Discord RP entirely (e.g. if not using Discord App)



Game Update: 11/13/17


  • Fixed an issue where the FOV was being reset to 65 every time the user starts Multiplayer
  • Resolved an issue where FPS is locked to 60 fps when using HDR on 60hz monitors in Windowed (No Border) mode
  • Fixed a hitching issue when using 144hz monitor in Windowed (Not Border) with Vsync & Freesync enabled
  • Support added for Discord


  • Connectivity improvements and optimizations
  • Leaderboard stability improvements and bug fixes
  • General UI improvements
  • Various issues with when the party leader disbands the party
  • Fixed various issues with parties following the party leader to the HQ
  • Fixed a rare issue where players are being booted from public lobbies
  • Fixed a host migration issue when the party leader exits the game via exit to desktop
  • Fixed issue with kill feed improperly displaying a user has changed their name
  • Addressed animation issue with Laughing Emote
  • Fixed glare issues with various Weapon Kits while SSR is set to High (if this continues to be an issue, please lower your SSR setting to Normal to resolve this in the interim)
  • Resolved issue with After Action Report not appearing after Gridiron and Capture the Flag matches
  • Addressed uncommon issue where HUD would only display for a single player in Hardcore Domination
  • Espionage Basic Training – Reduced painted time from 10 to 6 seconds. Made it so only bullet damage paints you
  • Addressed issue with Mastery challenges were number of challenges was displaying incorrectly, making Challenges impossible to complete
  • Fixed tank inversion and sensitivity setting for War tank controls



  • Walther Toggle Action Shotgun damage increased at extremely close range
  • Bren LMG increased damage per shot
  • LMG Bipod Sped up ADS time when in Bipod stance


  • BAR Rifle decreased fire rate and widened hip fire spread
  • STG44 Rifle widened hip fire spread
  • FG42 Rifle increased recoil and widened hip fire spread
  • Machine Pistol decreased damage ranges

SNIPER CLASS  Fixed a bug with all Sniper Rifles zooming to exact center when aiming down the sights


  • Fixed a crash with host migration while in a public Zombies match
  • Addressed lighting/glare issues with Tesla gun in Zombies when SSR is enabled
  • Fixed Klaus pathing


  • After players prestige once, WELCOME TO THE HQ quest pops back up.
  • After finishing a game, classes with Heroic weapons get reset.
  • Ranked Play support added for the upcoming Ranked Season in December.
  • Emblem Editor – Because most of our players are using a mouse & keyboard we wanted to take advantage of that, particularly for the UX around Emblem Editor. Therefore, we are taking some extra time to apply some more polish into the feature before releasing it on PC. The Emblem Editor is planned to be released in December, but stay tuned for more details on what PC specific features we are adding.
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