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I know its kind of too late to tell this but,i think we should do campaigns of different countries that were in WW2,like the Brazilian Expedicionary Force in Italy,i would like to honor my country that sacrificed many lives for nothing,all campaigns in all ww2 games are:U.S. campaign or Russian campaign,i'm kinda tired.

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Unfortunately it is an American company who unlike ea in battlefield 1 don't usually portray any other countries besides their own. It could be out of respect for others in case they make a mistake that could offend someone or it could just be their own opinion that this is the way they want cod to be. It would be nice to see some change but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

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We've had Canadian and British as well.
And we might get British again. There is a British weapon in the mp reveal.

And I don't think smaller factions will be in cod or other game quickly. 
Because well most people wouldn't care.
And because most games do American and Russian so most people know it. 

Same with movies. Mostly American.

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That's true. Plus the Americans joined the war two years after it actually started.
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I for one feel that honoring little unknown factions and actions would be nice to have but that's not the case with Call of Duty unfortunately. 

My country (Finland) would have interesting story to tell in WWII in the pressure of losing independence to Soviets or potentially to Germany. Winter war, Continuation war and Lapland war.

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