Can somebody explain COD to me?

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Cod 3, W@W and Advance Warfare but renamed to Momentum

geez give it up already congrats you went on the codwiki 

 regardless of the fact it wasnt just in waw ( which the majority of the cod community knows it from ) you still cited it as the game mode in codwwii it isnt 

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I'm sure the mode will be one of the playable ones at E3 but in the mean time so you don't mislead anyone else...

Best way to describe it .. you have a map allies have one set of objectives to complete to win, axis have different , both sides obviously need to complete their objectives as well as defend from the other team.


compare this to war in w@w which was basically dom with a moving flag land grab. 


apples and oranges

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I'm sue they won't stray too far from past intallments. Just TDM??? Why would you think that? Did you know that Headquarters came out in MP on CoD1 PC? They did already have different modes way back then. I remeber watching it on the news way back in teh day when they did a demo of the game. They had CTF and other modes too. Don't be overly dramatic. 


Like others have said, we have to wait for E3 or leaked video t o see how it plays/looks. 

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Well you see... when a man and a woman really like eachother.... Oh wait.. wrong talk.

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