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I'm not sure what the deal with this game is but almost every time I try to connect online I get an infinite load screen or a 103295 error. In the event I do actually connect after trying for over an hour and a half I get into a game and then it just freezes up at the lobby screen. I've constantly forced closed the game and restarted for going on 3 hours now and have been able to play all of two games. Any idea how to fix this to be able to play? Pretty disappointing to spend 110 dollars and not even be able to play what you purchased. This game so far is garbage.

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I am having the same exact issue here. Half of the day so far. 

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me 3 on me day off too it sucks

dont get me started on the ps3 style invite system,talk about cheap its basically a destiny type lobby confusing as :/

they brought back the slammed box with some cards in it  ( ?!?! )

only good bit in barracks is the scorestreak test centre where you can suss what works for you

thats a great addition,zombies is too easy n I SUCK AT ZOMBIES Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy 

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