Can't find a match online. Why?

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For about a week now i have been unable to find a match. Dunno what cod is doing but not impressed. Anyone know if it will ever get fixed or when?

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I can't either, so much bull. Why? What's the problem COD?

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This worked for me and a couple of other players. You need to close down cod the correct way.

In game go to settings. Than multiplayer menu.

Than go dashboard and shut down game.

Don't known how that bit works on ps.

If you restart cod know it should work

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Thanks, that worked!
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I'm having the same problem at certain times of the day, for no reason. I have better luck finding matches in BLOPs 2. 9:46 PM EST shouldn't be a time where it's hard to find matches.
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i found the fix

if u are using

5GHz Wireless Network

change it to

2.4GHz Wireless Network

and now its fixed


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Watch my video on how to fix this, i know it’s a little late but it’s fast and simple

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Yeah man me too
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