Can we fix this already...?

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So it's getting really annoying with all the bugs in every CoD since they started in BO3... BO3 was good until around the time the IW Beta was released then it started getting laggy, and then people had to reset their games or even clear local saves (on Xbox One at least) to even be able to play. There was so many problems so I figured they would just forget about BO3 and work on IW... so the IW Beta had the EXACT same problems and I got a little worried but though it would be fixed on release... Nope, now WWII is having the exact same problems even... Maybe instead of releasing DLC and trying to sell CoD points you should fix the broken games you have been releasing. It's rediculous that this is even happening. AAA developers that have this many problems, Not really a good image on the company. But I also don't understand why it's not talked about much, because everyone I know is having these same problems but they never seem to come up anywhere. So I'm just wondering why these games have DLC and CoD points being sold but not fixing the issues with the game. It's almost like they don't care because we still buy their games... Smiley Sad Soon other developers will see that gamers "don't care about bugs" and it will happen again. 

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