Can we get a remove dlc option?

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 Can we get a remove dlc option in game ?..since the only way to do it in ps4 is to initialize  basically reformat the entire ps4 to factory then choose not to redownload it.

It's a P.I.T.A to have to do this. 

There should be an option for this somewhere for various reasons of which i will not get into. 


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That's a good question, but I don't think Activision, Treyarc, and ect. can do anything about that. It'll all fall on Sony or Microsoft to implement that feature. 

It's a great idea instead of uninstalling the game and reinstalling.

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It was possible in an earlier game, it could be possible now if Acti made it an option. It is a chore to completely reset the console and then still maybe see the DLC auto downloaded.
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This is why the "money making" DLC is a failure in my opinion.


These maps should be with the base game which is probably what was planned up until some years ago when some goof decided not to make them accessible until you pay for them and download them.


This "money making" DLC divides a community which is already divided making people in groups feel awkward if they they haven't got the DLC when the rest of their group have it, which in turn creates peer pressure to download the DLC, It shouldn't be this way.


People have bought a base game with these maps probably already in the game but the devs more than likely have some algorithm that checks a console's HDD to see if they have downloaded the maps and then makes them visible in game.


The only season pass I have ever bought was Watchdogs and the only DLC was 1 set of maps in Black Ops 2, Lessons learned.


In my opinion they'd make more money including these DLCs in the base game with accessibility from day 1.




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