Cannot get to Main Menu or do anything on WW2!!

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Ok I have a serious issue with WWII! Last week I was just getting online like usual and went to go join some friends that were playing and I could NOT get my game to even get to the main menu to select whether I wanted to go to multiplayer or campaign or ANYTHING. I am using hard copy of the game as well, I have tried EVERYTHING to get it it work. I’ve even uninstalled the game completely and reinstalled it. Someone from Activision please contact me with a resolution.

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That's rough. Are any other games having any dramas? 

Also, you might get a quicker response from Activision if you use the dedicated WW2 support area to raise an issue: Activision Support


Good luck!

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Nope! Just WW2! 

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Clear cache or hard reset of console may work.

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