Combat Shotguns everywhere ...

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With the addition of the shield plus the rampant use of the combat shotty I’m getting pretty irritated playing this game anymore. Then on top of it they put a bunch of orders in that are cavalry specific and boom lobbies full of shields and shotguns.   I don’t necessarily dislike the shield but they need to fix the hit box with it. It’s just annoying having one in a corner and your preoccupied trying to kill him and some scrub runs up behind u with a shotgun.  Happens all the freaking time. 

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Carry a bazooka like i do...most shields try to rush me for a melee or turn and run off, also tried that sawed off shotgun with escalation..crazy how effective that turnedout to be

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Shield users are really annoying in the way that they can swap to shotgun or dual 1911's and instakill you. If you're lagging a bit this has already taken place before it's visible on your screen.


And these incindiary rounds should be deleted from the game IMHO. it makes the shotguns a noob weapon. If you can't win gunfights at least you can still killtrade LMAO.

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