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Zombies Map Concept: The Labyrinth

Basic Premise

The map would consist of several rings. Each ring of the map has the ability to rotate independently of the other rings. Each time the rings would rotate they would match up with the doorways of each other ring. As long as the doorways matched up the map could rotate in many different combinations essentially creating a new map each time the rings rotate. If the map rotated to a new position every couple of rounds the player would experience a new map each time forcing them to run different routes and giving them the feeling that they are lost in an ever changing labyrinth.Zombies Labyrinth.jpg





My Full Vision

The map setting would take place in the underground rediscovered Greek Labyrinth. The entire map is a giant chasm with a very high roof. There are holes in the roof allowing sunlight to enter, lighting the map. Maybe the zombie characters became trapped in the map because they fell through one of these holes. After falling into the map the characters soon discover that Nazi’s had excavated the Labyrinth during WWII. The Nazi’s had realized that the Labyrinth had magical powers so they set up testing sites across the map and power generators to leach the maps power. However, something went wrong and the Nazi’s accidentally unleashed the wrath of the gods. They were all killed and the Labyrinth was again lost to the world.

            Sometime after WWII the zombie characters fall into the Chasm and get trapped in the Labyrinth. They’re goal is to escape, obviously. In the center of the map is a statue of Zues. The Nazis had attached a Pack-a-punch machine to him to leach his power. Spread across the map are statues of other Greek Gods like Athena, Poseidon, Apollo, and Ares. Perk machines are attached to these god statues. To turn on the power you must do something to awaken the gods by offering a sacrifice or pissing Zues off or something. Once the gods are awakened the statues and perk machines begin to glow and the map rotates for the first time. Maybe Zues and the other gods can talk to the players and introduce story as to what the Nazi’s were trying to do and how the gods brought their wrath down upon them. Every couple of rounds the Minotaur starts attack the players, of course. The Minotaur has the head of a bull so functions like a bull. When the Minotaur sees you he lowers his head and starts charging at you really fast in a straight line, so if you’re in his path you better get the heck out of the way because he downs you in one hit. In addition to opening doors the normal way the Minotaur can be used to knock them down so you don’t have to pay to open them. All you do is stand in front of the door and get the Minotaur’s attention. When he charges at you, you get the heck out of the way and he rams down the door. This is risky though.

            The gods are also really angry that you have disturbed their sleep so they try to kill you and the zombies via traps, by rotating the map, and by dropping stalactites from the ceiling.

The map could have multiple levels and bridges making it even more confusing. Because the map rotates the player can easily get disoriented. To solve this problem each Greek god shines a different colored light into the air, like the mystery box does. Maybe even after progressing far enough into the Easter egg you unlock a relic that allows the players to change the shape of the map themselves. Also there should be a magical map on the walls across the Labyrinth. This map changes shapes as the real map changes shapes and it shows where basic landmarks are located. There are four wonder weapons that must be built like the staffs in Origins. These wonder weapons are the Greek Gods weapons like Poseidon’s Trident, Zeus’s lightning bolt, etc. Also, sections of the map have actual mazelike structures that the players must navigate. I think that the map should consist of three inner rings and one outer area that doesn’t move like I’ve shown in my aerial diagram. Hopefully my idea is possible do to the processing power of PS4 and Xbox 1.



Easter Egg

The Easter egg basically involves the players trying to discover what killed all the Nazi’s who were excavating and the players trying to find a way out of the Labyrinth.

There are audio logs left across the map by the deceased Nazi’s that vaguely explain bits and pieces of what the Nazis were trying to accomplish and how they awoke the gods.


  • You must build all wonder weapons and activate the relic that allows the players to turn the map themselves.
  • Once the map turning relic is activated, there is a watermark of some kind of picture that lights up in the stone across the map. This is hard to explain but if you had an aerial view of the map you would be able to see the picture. The thing is, the picture is mixed up. The players must use the map turning relic to turn the map in order to match up the picture. If you had an aerial view of the map this step would be extremely easy but since the players do not they must run around the map and visualize and look at the watermark and then visualize how they must turn the map in order to match up the rings appropriately thus completing the picture. Once they complete the picture, they may have to do the same thing multiple times. Once they do this it unlocks something special or the god statues start to shoot lasers to the central Zues statue. This could be another puzzle. The god statues shoot lasers out of their eyes or something. There are mirrors across the map. The players must rotate the map so the laser bounces off the mirrors accordingly and connects with the central Zues statue. Once all the lasers connect with the Zues statue, the Zues statue redirects the lasers at a wall of in the distance, blowing a hole in the wall. Now a heavenly light shines down from the hole in the wall
  • Now the players must complete several steps that incrementally magically build a stairway to the hole in the wall. Essentially they are building a stairway to heaven or Olympus.
  • Once the stairway is complete all the players walk up the staircase and go into the hole with the heavenly light. Once they get in the room the light is extremely blinding and none of the players can see what’s in the room. To the player it looks and feels like they are in heaven. Once all the players are inside the room. The gods seal off the hole in the wall trapping the players inside. The heavenly light goes out and is replaced by an eyrie blood red light. Zues says something like, “You’re trapped for eternity and now you must be the ultimate sacrifice”. Now that the heavenly light has gone out the players can actually see what is inside the room. In the center of the room is a sacrificial pedestal. All the Nazi’s are piled up in the middle of the room, they are dead and their flesh is zombified because they’ve been rotting for 40 or so years but their dead, not zombies. Written all over the walls in blood are tally marks signifying that the Nazis had been trapped there for several months. There are other crazy things written on the walls by the Nazi’s signifying that they slowly went crazy and eventually sacrificed themselves by committing suicide. In the center of the room is a knife. When you walk up to the knife is says press button to commit suicide. Basically all the players are forced to commit suicide and sacrifice themselves to the gods. Once you do this you become a demigod and are resurrected back on the map with godlike powers and all the perks and the game continues because you have completed the Easter egg.


This is my take on a new Zombies Map and Easter egg. I hope you like my idea. If you do please let me know, Thanks.


My Name is Luke Stevenson.
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interesting stuff, 


You probably have better luck at getting this viewed by a developer at the reddit COD page than here. 


sad to say

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I agree post this on the zombie subreddit, chances of a dev seeing this on here is literally zero 

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