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I think this is stupid question but is satchel charges and C4 same thing? I noticed someones talking about c4 in partys. Doesnt matter really but little curious Smiley Happy

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C4equivalent. Think the stuff was called "comp b" ,in the day.
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Many people refer to explosives that are thrown and manually detonated as C4. It's a short, easy name to remember and rolls off the tongue. Smiley Happy

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Any trowable remote detonated explosief is called c4.

Any sticky granate is called a sticky. The semtex granate was also called sticky.

Any rifle fired granate is a noobtube.

Granate launcher as wel as rifle granate.

Any recon/counter is uav/cuav

Most not magnifying sights will be called red dot sight.

Most magnifying sight will be called agog.

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