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Today I logged in and had 2182 credits at start.  Since I have been logging in for 19 consecutive days now, I received a bonus of 19x175 + 3x360 = 4405.  However, at the end of my bonus, I had a total of 2782 -- so the bonus was 600 credits.  Is that correct?  


A few days ago, I used my phone to videotape the login and bonus process.  At the time, I started the login with 11471 credits, had logged in for 14 days in a row to allow 14x120 + 3x360 = 2760.  However, at the end of the login and bonus process, my credits increased by only 360 credits -- so I ended with 11831 credits.  If my understanding is correct, this is pretty far off from the 14231 that I should have ended with.  


I guess my question is whether I am reading the login bonus correctly or if the system is just broken (e.g., the system can say whatever it wants about consecutive days of logging in and bonuses but it just gives you a few hundred credits and that's it)? 

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Login bonus is totally random. 


At one time I had over 200 days consecutive. At time I would get 360 minimum and 1500 max. With all types of amounts in between. 


This login bonus should have increased daily to keep people coming back. After 200 days consecutive i should have been getting 1500 daily. I stopped caring after a while. 


The multiplier should have continue to increase weekly to monthly. Someone at 30 days should have x4. At 60, x5 and so on. 

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Your math is wrong. There is no multiplying the days you have consecutively logged in.


Like  @JagiMonster stated, it's random. 


I'm pretty sure the final number you see on your screen after their equation takes place is the amount you get. I seem to get between 350-750 all the time. I'm around 60 consecutive days right now.


It happens so quick I don't have a full understanding of it. I just take their reasoning as it is and trust I'm getting what I'm supposed to.

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