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Please,please,please for the love of God dont screw this game up please. Dont screw it up with P2P bull crap and a bunch of kill streak crap. Make this an updated version of COD2 and bring gaming and skill based play back to the community. Its hard to have clans,scrims and competitions when you dont have dedicated servers. It takes away from the comradery of the game, the one thing that really draws people into it. Going to the same server day after day and playing making new friends. Its just not the same with P2p crap. SO Im begging along with all of the PC community not to screw this up.

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Heres hoping!

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The last 3 games have had dedicated servers. Do you mean rentable servers? Cause that won't happen, unfortunately. Also cod was never p2p. It was listen servers 

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in the high 90+%, when people are talking dedicated servers, they usually mean rentable or user dedicated servers - every year.


I stopped asking with the last CODs, but I would see ol' Jonathanaws or -ams always posting this long wishlist every year (don't know if he did it last year). I feel his pain, but I just wanted to tell him let it go. I came to PC from consoles. Never touched XBL or PSN. Went straight to dedicated servers with all of the older fps at the time with a lot of the big games like UT2004, SOFII, Counterstrike with mods and custom skins like Bart Simpson, Daffy Duck, etc. Vs Zombies. It was such a high and addiction and it was cool to meet and hook up with other players. We always loved the COD series and when COD4 came, we said we will form a clan at the start of it.


Since then, we've had a great community and we were thinking the COD series would lead the way. We were going to get every next COD game. Instead, we found ourselves stopping at CODWAW. Yes, MW3 has rentable/user dedi servers (and good options too - props to SHG), but it wasn't the same due to how the maps were made. One of our members took the hit and opened his copy. We were able to save $60 and didn't take a chance on any other CODs until now because this seems like it just may be a chance after all these years. And if we're not able to do it, we will be disappointed once again, but at least we won't be out of $60.
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