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Hi I play PS4 and I want to know if Digital Deluxe is worth the extra $40. Thanks for answers. Most of my friends play Xbox One so I'm not sure. I want the DLCs but most games (Call of Duty)  have crappy DLCs then again this game looks to be amazing so I just need some advice. (I am preordering the game either way)

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If you really want all the DLC by deluxe.

If you're not sure but don't mind spending more for the DLC when you want it at the end get regular

If you mind to spend more at the end get deluxe

If you want no DLC of maybe 1 get regular

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These are questions you need to answer yourself. All I can tell you is what I'm doing.


I only play Xbox so I pre-ordered the Pro-edition on disc. I already got some incentive with a hat, poster, and pin from Gamestop. I am a big fan of the co-op mode (zombies) so the Season Pass was a no-brainer for me.


The game is 6 months away and the dlc even further down the line... so if you're unsure or hesitant about jumping in, then there is nothing wrong with waiting. An informed decision is a good one. Pre-ordering or purchasing the Season Pass is only going to save you a few bucks and possibly a couple bonuses.

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It's a difficult question to answer without knowing your COD history, but along what's already been said, if you play co-op in addition to MP then the seasons pass is probably worth it. If you tend to play COD all year the seasons pass is probably a good deal. If both are true I would get the seasons pass. If neither of these are true then I would suggest you get the regular digital version.

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Ok cool I tend to play all year round and switch over to other games once and a while. This COD looks to be the best in a while though. I think I'll wait till they release more about multiplayer and zombies because Nazi Zombies was always great but idk how multiplayer is going to be. 

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I would suggest you wait a little while longer and see what the game has to offer on the multiplayer side.  The reveal for that is at E3 which is only 2 months away.  It won't matter if you preorder now or if you preorder 2 days before the beta comes out you will still get a beta key.  The digital delux edition of the game is usually 20 dollars less than buying the base game and the season pass seperately.  It also tends to come with a few more fringe benifits. Like last year I got the digital delux addition of IW for 100 bucks, I got IW, MWR, the season pass, 1000 cod points, 1000 salvage and the 10 rare supply drops. So, for me that was well worth the investment. However, I would wait and see what the insentive is before making that commitement this year. If you buy the standard disk version you can always resell the disk  to gamestop for 30 dollars credit if you find you hate the game.  If you go digital you are stuck with it for the rest of eternitiy.  Overall, I am waiting a little longer to see if the bonuses on the digital addition outweigh the benifits of the physical copy.  

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Honestly, only you know the answer to this question. Quite simply, if you are going to get DLC, the Season Pass is worth it. Plus IW has shown that Season Pass Holders are starting to get perks like first access to DLC weapons. I have never not felt the Season Pass was worth it, except for Advanced Warfare, which I stopped playing.
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do you want the dlc? There is your answer.

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