Error Code 32 and 103295

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Anyone else getting error code 32 and 103295?


Been trying to connect to a game / connect to my online profile but it wont work - when it does, i play a game for 5 mins and then kicks me out?!?!?

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Same errors here. This is a *****ty launch to a new game. 

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My friend hade the same problem but he tured the game off and went to properties and then he clicked on local files. After you go to local files then you'll get 4 options and the option that says ¨verify integrity of game files..¨ just click on that and let it verify the games files and that should be it!

hope it works for you all and please share this information to all!


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I play on Xbox one and I’m getting the same issue I tryed talking to a support member but they didn’t help. I get error code 32

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Same here. Either error 102780 or 103295.

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