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Hi, I want to share my few thoughts about what is wrong with newest COD games multi, including WWII. 

I came back to playing online after 5-7 years. Last I was hardcore player when mw2 was top game and not for long I've played ghosts or mw3 on x360. I was pretty good back than, ended up many times with 40/6 kill ratio.I never called nuke but sometimes I had like 15-17 kill streak with AR/Sniper. 

When I come back to COD on ps4 I suddenly start to s*ck with ratio around 0.6. I understood I had to come back. Finally some matches I'm ending with 21/3 ratio and now after 3 months I know what exactly is wrong.

One of two biggest issues are maps sizes and way the people are forced to move around it. Maps are very small compared to old titles.New games are almost unplayable for real snipers. You may say that maps like Gustav are made for snipers, but maybe this map is big but not done in right way because maps for snipers had heighest points around map and center was below in WWII most maps center of it is also heighest point with some building or anything else. So on map like Gustav before somone actually show up SMG runner can go around map quick enough to kill you from behind.
Also in other titles when you spawn on map you've got to choose which way to take, usually were 3 main paths that may meet up at some point but in this one in most maps that meet up point is at same position in one line all paths meet up. Typical map that is related to this is Ardenese Forest and Flak Tower, You have few paths at begin, but they all meet up exactly at half of it.
Because of sizes of maps new problem appeard:
Extended Short Ranges Gunfights
What I mean, most maps, even those "big" ones are created into many small areas made mostly for smgs, and to make this even more funny, in this game smgs got extended ranges in my opinion. So basicly instead of realistic wwII we have Rambo alike matches with guys running around with pssh.
I will say few words about each class:

I never was good at running with this gun, but if you were good with this gun in previous COD's, probably you can dominate this game easily. I think problem in this game is not "strenght" of smgs only their very extended range, they range is long, that in many situations they are stronger than AR, and it's complex problem with map sizes. 
I think it's weakest point in this game because in middle ranges, they can be easily deafeted by smgs, and in longer ranges - like extended mid/ long ranges, enemy just many times runaway after few shots that in closer range woudl been killed and yes I already used "extended range" attachment. So for longer ranges Lmgs seems better than AR. I wanted to practice in publics how esport players play but in close ranges - you've got to deal with pssh and in extended lmg is taking you out. 
I think saddly that Lmgs are new AR guns in this game, especially Lewis, it's light, got good mid secction and is handable in long ranges, unfortunaitly it's not allowed in ranked.
I can't complain here, all snipers I've played were very well made, only one issue is that I don't have good map to play with it expect for war mode which don't count k/d ratio which makes it a little boring.. and only 3 campaigns are also boring after time.
Only one think I can say here - inferno bullets are lame.
Melle weapons:
Swords/ Bat - why do we need this ? Give us some free maps. *Activision* - NO! have free swords and riot shield, pay extra for cash for something usefull. 

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