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Will there be a vast amount of weapon modification in the game or do we have to wait an exorbatant amount of time to earn those modifications?

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I'm wondering this too. It may be something like World at War but even that game had limitations on attachments. Not sure how much or how little they will let you do. We shall see. 

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I am not sure there is a lot of modification that can be done with the weapons of that time.
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We can't have a lot modifications.

Attachment should be earned by playing. Maybe field modifications in supply drops

As far there where field mods during ww2. Had found something about the m3 grease gun.

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Here's my Ideas for mods:

-Short range scope

-Medium range scope

-Long range scope




-Extended barrel.

-Muzzle break

-Full auto mod for M1 carbine and C96

-Drum/extended mag.

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in reply to Sholderboulder

"Full auto mod for M1 carbine"


Hey Zeus man! haha I can see that feeling like an M4 carbine or NV4 in IW

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This could also be in the game:

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