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Will we be seeing these weapons in the game?
-Browning M1919
-M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
-M1 Garand
-M3A1 (greaser)
-Walther P38
-M1928 Thompson
-Karabiner 98K
-Sturmgewer 44
-Gewehr 43
-M1C Garand
-M2 Browning .50 Cal
-Browning M1919A6
-M9A1 "Bazooka"
-Panzerschreck 88mm
-M18 smoke grenade
-Mk 2 hand grenade
-Model 24 Stielhandgranate
-Flak 88mm

Sorry if I do not upload pictures, I am not yet fluent in forum speech.

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American and German weapons? Of course. I am more concerned about *possible* lack of Soviet, British etc. ones if this is going to be two faction game like previous ones.

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"Flak 88mm"


Ummm, this an artillery peice used for AA and anti tank. Can't exactly pull this bad boy out of your pocket.....oh sweet baby Jesus another thought poped in my head and I hope it's not true!!!! This bettern ot be some "hero" payload crap stuff!!!!

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What about the Flak gun for Anti Air if people call in carepackages or whatnot

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and Ships...


And so the balance Shifts.


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But really, nobody knows yet.

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