HQ Jumping Jack boosters need punishment

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Sick of hitting the same HQ all night long while 5, 10, or way more jumping jack boosters ride a idiotic gravy train to rewards.

If Activitison & SHG value protecting the precious supply drop system they need to act already and reset these clowns back to oblivion while locking their calling cards and emblems with unchangeable marks of shame.

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I don't like headquarters. That being said, I'm not sure where you are comimg from with this. Sure, it's stupid looking, but it's not a detriment to anything in the game, in my opinion anyhow. 

Trust me, I want to agree with you, in order to pile on with, "it's unnecessary, and something I hope developers scrap in the future, choosing to instead devote resources towards ensuring the game runs well", but that would be a stretch. 


Jumping jack HQ people have been around since HQ went live. The very fact that SHG has chosen not to punish these users means that, by way of deduction, nothing punishable is being done. So, you can do jumping jacks with them when you want to AFK, or you can be sour about it for some reason. 


Plenty of bigger, real-world issues far more deserving getting bent out of shape on than this.



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