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It's getting way out of hand every time that I start up a hardcore game mode I always get killed by an lmg camping and it's not just one lobby it's all how can u have a hardcore mode and have LMGs that have 1hit kills i think everybody can agree with me 

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STG44 with armoured and/or FMJ and advanced rifeling. Kill them before they kill you.

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Lol. Good luck with that.

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Dude almost every weapon in the game Is 1hit kill in hardcore mode. 

Why are you crying?

Its hardcore .. go play core if you don't like this.. or maybe prop hunt would be better for you. 


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I think that LMG's and rocket launchers should be banned from being played in hardcore matches period. Cause they are way overpowering and are useless to use in a one shot kill mode.

People attend to use them way too much in hardcore matches, which they don't need them.

Any other gun except for the shotguns and melee weapons, have great range for one shot kills. I don't  know what's the purpose of having LMG's and rocket launchers in hardcore, when they kill great in core.

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Dude most of the maps are close quarters and I’ve never experienced this

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Most weapons are a one hit kill in hc.

You might want toen stop playing hc.

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