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I've noticed alot lately  when the match begins i select a loadout but it says observing for a few seconds until the match begins before i am able to spawn in... i play domination alot and often the team has already capped the first dom point before i can take control of my character and reach it.

This happens even if i have been in the lobby for 5 or 6 games ie: i didn't just join the lobby. 


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Well, welcome to the party, pal! This is that dreaded "spectating glitch" that seems to circulate amongst all of us every now and again. I am no exception, as I have been increasingly experiencing this issue, but it seems contained to Shipment for me.

So, a couple of things: this is a known issue, and is still being investigated . No time table has been mentioned, that I also aware of.

You may benefit from from clearing your cache, but the mileage of this fix hasn't proven to be anything great. One way that has been suggested to force a spawn is to seoect your loadout, and try loading in. Once you get the "spectating" fun, try selecting a different class. Again, not the most beautiful fix, and if we are being honest, i think "fix" is an awful generous term to describe it. 

I just look at it as SHG's way of allowing me to get a little extra time out of that life before I find some clever way of dying.


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Been an issue since before they took the spawn timer out...just more pronounced now.  I find depending on the lobby and map it's better or worse.  Goes along with the crappy frame rate issue at the begining of the maps.

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