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Hello everyone,

So, as of yesterday, it was revealed that the Cod 2019 is not called MW4, instead it will be called Call of duty modern warfare.

Call of duty Modern Warfare 2019, is slated to be a soft reboot of the "MW triology", which means same fictional characters but in a different storyline etc.

Last week, we received ground breaking information that Call of duty 2020 is black ops 5.

It is also known that Activision is slowly changing their business model and changing the way Call of duty is developed.

Now, as of all this information, I strongly believe that 2020 is the last year for Cod in terms of annual releases. This means that Call of duty 2019 will be infinity wards last cod game, as well as black ops 5 being treyarch last game. Furthermore, to back this up sledgehammer and raven were put back as support studios. I have a small feeling Call of duty is gonna turn into a service, rather than having yearly annual releases. I am also a strong believer that Call of duty 2020, is just going be titled Call of duty Black ops...., instead of black ops 5, thus explains the cold war setting. This means that Call of duty 2020, will not be called black ops 5 instead it will be a 'soft reboot' of the black ops franchise, or instead of soft reboot, just a reboot in general of the black ops series. This would tie in with Call of duty 2019 as a soft reboot and the fact that call of duty is changing the ways they develop their games. Therefore, this would allow activision to deliver on both of most POPULAR COD SUB FRANCHISES, whilst working as a service to constantly updating the game with brand new things every year, and the fact that there will be a choice to take part in the service of MW or BLACK OPS. Basically what this means is that Call of duty 2020 will be the last game to take out $60 out of our pockets, and the rest will become a service, competing directly with fortnite. Also news is coming in that Call of duty Modern Warfare 2019, will have a free to play aspect, and that free to play is apparently free dlc, such as maps and guns. They are also changing the season pass and making it like fortnits, perhaps better. Basically after gathering all my thoughts, this means that fans will now have the option to play either game subseries with constant updates from treyarch and infinity ward separately on their 2 games, with sledgehammer, raven and possibly others as support.

NOW, this is not right or wrong take it as you want, by idk, im getting a strong feeling that this is happening, considering all the information we have. Furthermore, blackout will become fres and its own standalone thing, therefore we have blackout, traditional MW, and traditional Black ops. I dunno, feel free to leave your opinions, but this is a thought.


Thank you!

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