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So I was thinking of how they might bring old style guns into today's gaming age after the fantastical guns in Bo3 and IW. I got to thinking about ways they could take old weapons and make them unique and new.. Here are some ideas.


1. Browning Machine Gun - This water-cooled is a classic. Portable and fairly reliable it's a staple of WW2. What if they allowed multiple fire modes? As seen in Band of Brothers infantry actually carried these around. While maybe not realistic a person in the show hip-fired the monster. So fire mode 1 you carry the Browning around as hip-fire only. Fire mode 2 you actually build the bipod and go prone for long range.


2. M1 Carbine - Folding stock version. Can extend stock for long range accuracy and low sway with poor hipfire or shorten stock for higher away, less accuracy but better hipfire.


3. K-Bar Combat Knife - Similar to the Axe in IW can either be used for stealth combat or thrown at enemies.


4. Thompson SMG - Either with or without drum magazine. More ammo but slightly slower movement speed, ads and reload.


5. M1 Garand - Can be equipped with either a scope or knife. Takes a little time to hook up the attachment but it can be done on the fly. Having the knife in the end could reflect off sunlight making you easier to spot (or some other drawback).


What other ideas do you all have?

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oh yeah, bo3 and iw are very good games xD in my opinion I think they will look historically correct lol

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