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So you want the game to suit your gamestyle.

And better streaks so you don't have to do much work

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@dtuchpunk wrote:

So you want the game to suit your gamestyle.

And better streaks so you don't have to do much work

Isn't that why I've seen an increase of cavalry with requisition (joking, but not really)

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I don't think you know what you are talking about (not meaning to be harsh)


The Riot Shield is easy to counter, I have been using it since Black Ops 2 and I still die fairly easily. The Riot Shield is fun.

Ordnance is worse than Requisitions, Ordnance lowers scorestreaks by over 100 points and it isn't limtied to only a 1 time use.

Who needs stun grenades to stun people with shields that you.. yourself can't counter. Top banana

Incendiary Shells are just fun to use, I don't use them myself, very often.

Blitzkrieg is fine. leave it alone.

Snipers super fine as they are. I have never been quickscoped (Hardcore mode)

100 kills for a game mode is.. (In my opinon) too much, the match just drags on and on.



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9. Make additional maps free or way cheaper - in one cod I bought extra maps and finding matches became a hell on earth ! Noone will buy maps that are same price or even more expensive then codwwII on release date.
10. Make maps that are bigger and good for all kind of players not only smg's. I mean most maps having highest point in the center of it, and most maps in cod mw was "flat" or highest points were buildings around. Maps were so big, that having respawn point as an extra was pretty useful.
11. Make a game mode that not allows people to use grenade and killstreaks. In wwII I hate that killstreaks are mostly earned by "clan" players so matches like domination becoming a joke like 200 vs. 40 ? I always search matches solo and I remember that in mw2 I had easily 40kill kill streak and still my team was able to lose.
12. Change way of match making - I'm playing day by day with same people (I'm from Poland). I remember that in cod:mw and cod:mw2 I was able to play with people from all around the world and 10 years later we don't have internet good enough to handle matches that was doable years ago (maybe lags appears but not that often and not that big to "close" cod worldwide community into local communities.
13. Make headquarters useful.
14. Make weapon useful. (My last game was mw3). I remember once in cod that most weapon was playable and could be a deadly weapon in right hands and here we have a lot of weapons but most are useless. The only AR I see on maps are stg's44 and bar's. Snipers and LMGs seems more flexible classes but also SMGs seems to have only 1 popular weapon - ppsh, it's way more popular than any other one.
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Two points : 1st If everyone bought the season pass matchmaking would be much easier.  2nd  While you may like large maps,my friends and I don't. Small maps (shipment, v2,nuketown etc) have always been fan favorites.Remove small maps and you've a weak version of battlefield  (without destroyable buildings,vehicles, and 58 (fewer) players ). 

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