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Lmao the fact that you took your time to say that let's me know You're just bitter because you're getting woefully wrecked by players with fire shells, using requisitions and riot sheilds and you want it all changed so everyone will play like you think they should which will make you think you're good by getting higher killstreaks without "truly earning them" (when earning them is the only way to get them).  If you were good you wouldn't be complaining about how others are playing.  Right now you're just a legend in your own mind.


You probably call everyone who kills you a "camper" too...



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Agree, also ALL weapons should be reviewed and set up once again.
Today I felt that I didn't play WWII only "f*ck me with the smg".
What I mean, this game pushes people to play with smg, they range is extremely long - can't kill in mid distance? Just down your sensitivity to 3/3 or 4/4 and pssh becomes strongest AR, and talking about AR - they feels so weak in this game. I mean, today literally I was shotting at guy and he just runaway... I was playing london docks and I was near to stairs to tunel and he close to the gate. I was shoting with bar that had extended range and, dot. Sometimes in this game I can have kill ratio like 21/3 and sometimes 5/15 just because of matchmaking way and overpowered smgs...
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Gather you play core. In hardcore, smgs have never been this weak.

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I agree about SMGs. The fact that an MP40 or Sten can kill with fewer shots (3) than an MG42 (4) (which irl tears through concrete with ease) is just a joke. The game’s weighted to favour running and gunning to appease 12 year olds.

The abundance of close quarters combat is also highly unrealistic and unrepresentative of WWII.

I mean it’d be good to see more mid-long range combat and a greater range of elevation. Maps in this game tend to be quite two dimensional and offer a narrow range of engagement distances. It’d be a lot more interesting if there were a greater range of engagement distances and SMG users had to find a way to flank or sneak up on LMGs and snipers, whilst LMGs and snipers too had to be careful about how they navigate maps


It’s such a shame Activision sold out for $$$

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