How you killed WW2 zombies (and not in a good way)

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Alright i'm going to start this off by saying i'm mad as *****. After your current update "days of summer" zombies is basiclly unplayable. Honestly after every major update zombies is unplayable and this is bull*****. I am playing on XBOX and i've talked to countless amounts you people that are having the same problem with no help on the behalf of activision or sledghammer.

1. First of all your server suck with zombies, what I mean by this is your lucky if you can actually play a game past round 6 without everybody lagging out and getting the "you lost connection to the host". This is bull***** because how can I lose connection to host when I am the host?!?!?!?!?

2. Since the newest update your person doesnt even run in zombies, Do you know how hard it is to play zombies without being able to run?!?!?!?!?!?

3. Another problem after the newest update is now theirs a glitch when you reload, when you reload it take 3 sec. to be able to ADS or shoot, and in zombies 3 sec. can be life or death.

4. every since the attack of the undead update the "custom paint jobs" dont work in zombies. This is something thats not a big deal but at the same time it's something that should have been fixed by now. 

All of these things may seem like small problems from COD makers as a whole but your job is to make consumers happy, and 70% of your customers are made about this game. One big thing that really gets me is if even 1/4 of these problems where on multiplayer then you would have it fixed within hours but since it only "zombies" you don't have to support it. I'm on of the people that are master prestige on multiplayer and another thing that pisses me off is that when everyone got mad that they didn't have "master prestige rewards" you jumped on it and made the multiplayer(s) happy, but what doe's the master prestige in zombies get??? NOTHING (which is bull*****)!! 

I'm also a season pass holder and bought the game brand new and paid the extra for the two year warranty so i'm not just some random person getting mad about zombies, but I must say i'm also pissed that multiplayer gets 3 new maps with every dlc while WAR mode and ZOMBIES get one map, maybe if you supported more than just multiplayer you would stop losing customers... Also all the DLC maps for zombies suck, you took what everyone loved being nazi zombies and tried to make it harder then it needs to be.

I feel like if you took less time trying to push supply drops on us and actully supported your game maybe you would also stop losing players as well. 

I'm also tired of you constanly trying to push blame on the customer and telling us "reset your router" "reset your system" "deleat game and reinstall it". Is it too much to ask for a game to just work???

I go to school for computer tech. and these are the thing that really gets to me as well as most of your other customers. 

Also whats your deal with only replying to redit or twitter? I don't have a twitter so I find it messed up that I have to make one just to speak my mind and get ahold of you!

With how this game has gone i'm not dissapointed in saying this is probably the last COD i'm going to buy.

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